Tick Tock: Decorating with Clocks

March 20, 2016 2 min read

Wall clocks are an often overlooked design element. They are easy to hang on the wall and available in an array of sizes and colors. A wall clock can be a fun and functional decorating tool.

We love using clocks in interior design because they might be the thing to finish off a room. There can only be so many artwork or mirrors you can put up on a wall.

Here are some guidelines for decorating with clocks:

WHAT'S THE RIGHT HEIGHT? - A clock should hang higher than artwork. Hang it 200 cm from the floor.

WHERE SHOULD I HANG IT? - This versatile item can be placed in many areas like the kitchen, hallway, lounge room or home office. Avoid dining areas and bedrooms (alarm clock excepted) because it's bad Feng Shui. Having it in the dining area will make you rush eating and the bedroom should be a peaceful area.

FINDING THE RIGHT SIZE - Clocks can be used to be a focal piece just like artwork. If this is the case, go for the larger size and more bold.

Also consider proportion of the room. A large clock will look natural in a large room and vice versa.

WHICH STYLE SHOULD I GO FOR? - Looking for a pop of colour in a neutral room? A brightly coloured clock might do the trick. A patterned clock will look great in a room of solids. Go for a high contrast look with a light coloured clock in a dark coloured wall.

If you want to do something unique with a space, consider filling it with clocks in a variety of sizes and styles in a random pattern. For something more modern, use clocks that have the same face colour.

Use the same style of clock in multiples to display different time zones. Make it more functional by using time zones of long distance loved ones so you can instantly know what their time is.  Remember to stick with odd number rule when deciding on the number of clocks.