July 03, 2017 2 min read

Bedsides are not usually the rockstar of furniture pieces in the typical home. They never have the celebrity status of a dining suite or sofa. They serve a supporting role to the bed because they serve a functional purpose. The right bedside is something that provides you comfort and convenience when you wake up or go to bed.

When decorating with bedside tables, there are some essential design rules that you should consider to create the perfect bedroom.

Height Matters- If there is one element you want to consider, this is the most important! The bedside height should never be too low or higher than the top of the mattress (with comforter). We recommend at level to a maximum of 100mm below the finished bed.

Lighting- Ensure that you choose a lamp that has an overall shape that's smaller than the bedside table. You don't want a lamp that is too big for the bedside. A handy design tip is if you are finding the lamp too short in comparison to the bed place a stack of books under the lamp to raise it!

Storage - This is an an important feature that most people want. Most bedsides have one or two drawers. Some bedsides even have cabinet storage. Keep in mind the more storage it has, the more chunky the bedside will look.

Styling -Remember to keep it neat and simple when decorating your bedside. Incorporate flowers, plants, books, candles or any items that help you relax. Try to avoid clutter.

Size - Your bedroom will guide you on the size of your bedsides. They usually range from 400 to 600mm wide. Ideally, try to have two bedsides.