Top Five Tips to Dress Your Bed

October 07, 2015 2 min read

This is a topic that is not widely discussed but wondered by many. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home but most blandly furnished. We spend at least eight hours in it (or at least we hope). It is the epicenter of our well being so we should make sure it looks welcoming and its best.

Here are five tips to dress up your bed:

Biggest to smallest, back to front
Makes sense to layer your multiple pillows and cushions. Place the largest (typically the Euro shams) and the bolster cushions in the front. This way, all the pieces have a chance to shine.

Rule of seven
Your bed is for sleeping not to store pillows! Seven pillows/cushions in various shapes is sufficient to create the most impact. A couple of Euro shams, standards, shams and a bolster is enough.

Play with color and patterns 
Contrast solids with patterns for a balanced look. If you choose a solid colour quilt cover, then have fun with patterned cushions.

Go horizontal
Instead of standing up your pillows, try going horizontal. Stacking a couple of pillows (max two high) of standard and sham gives a nice high end hotel book. Finish off with a decorative scatter cushion in front.

Get a bed head
A bedhead will add the most impact to your bed. Go for a style and colour that is neutral because it will give you more flexibility for the bedding. Make sure the bedhead height is at least 1200mm high because you don't want to hide it with pillows and cushions.

Harlem quilt cover set shown

Arbor accent cushion shown