GOING VERTICAL: Getting more storage is looking up

November 14, 2012 1 min read


When decorating, I love taking inspiration from nature. Most people can agree that nobody can design a more beautiful canvas than Mother Nature. She is the ultimate interior designer by creating breathtaking colour schemes and combining materials with flair.

However, nature can also provide a solution to the biggest challenge that apartment dwellers face - it is storage! The answer is quite logical, you just have to look up. You see it in nature with trees in a forest and in cities with skyscrapers. If you can't go out, you go up. This rule also applies in your home. Decorate vertically, to the ceiling if possible, and you will increase your storage space exponentially.

Typical areas that are not used to its maximum potential are above standard kitchen cabinets, toilets, the fridge and office areas. Install cabinets above your desk or put beautiful wooden storage boxes (matching, of course) across the kitchen cabinets to create visual interest at the same time. If you are considering buying furniture like a bookcase or dresser, get the tallest one possible.

So look around your home and see where the opportunity lies to go vertical. You may be surprised to see how much extra storage you can create.

Happy decorating!