Choosing furniture you can pass on to your kids.

July 03, 2013 2 min read

Back in a time before disposable furniture became the norm, furniture was hand built by skilled craftsmen, and the quality shows. If you love scouring the local antique or vintage furniture shops, you have undoubtedly found pieces that were built decades ago, if not hundreds of years. What stories can they tell you as they are passed down from one family to another? Without much effort or cost, you can again buy inherit-worthy furniture to pass down to your kids.

1. Invest in good quality

With so much choice these days, furniture shopping is daunting for most people. Humans are wired to make judgements on visual appearance, so most do so. We make choices on appearances everyday, whether you are picking a perfectly shiny green apple at the market or smile at the attractive person walking pass you on the street. Manufacturers know this so they make every effort to ensure their furniture looks great, but what lies underneath? Cheap disposable furniture usually looks good on the surface but the internal components are inferior, hence affecting its lasting durability. As the saying goes, it's what's underneath that counts. A good rule of thumb when looking for solid furniture is to look for pieces made of solid wood. Solid wood furniture will feel heavy so don't be afraid to test it out by lifting it off the ground. A disposable sofa will have a softwood frame like pine or worse yet, particle chipboard; a good sofa will have a hardwood frame that will last the rigours of life. Solid timber furniture can be refinished to another stain colour, giving it a whole new look.

2. Look for versatile pieces

Small furniture tends to be more versatile because it can be adapted to many spaces. Furniture like dining tables can be repurposed as a desk; a sideboard can be used in dining or living rooms.

3. Look after your furniture

As with your car or house, you need to maintain regular maintenance on it to make it last. Regular vacuuming of the sofa or dusting the table will go a long way to ensuring it looks good all the time. A little maintenance goes a long way.

4. Buy something you love

It's a no-brainer to buy something you love because you will be using it or seeing it everyday. Furniture is meant to enjoyed so buy pieces that will fit your lifestyle. Furniture that feature simple lines often transcend trends and look just as appealing decades later.

The next time you are shopping for furniture, it might cost a little more for a better quality piece, but it will pay you back in spades on its lasting value. Think of it this way: it would be more expensive to buy a piece of furniture twice if it only lasts a couple of years.