assembled or flat pack furniture? pros and cons

May 21, 2018 1 min read

When you buy furniture, it comes two ways - assembled or flat packed. The perception of assembled or flat pack furniture is different for everyone. It's worth noting that neither format determines the quality of the piece. The fit, finish and materials used dictate the quality. Assembled furniture can be made with inferior quality materials and flat pack furniture can be made with top quality materials. There is a huge variation available on the market.

Furniture typically needs some assembly - whether that is done at the factory or by you. However, there is one exception to this rule - and that is seating furniture. Furniture that you sit on whether it is a sofa, armchair or dining chair is more complex and weight based. As a result, the majority of the assembly for these pieces should be done at the factory and the only thing you should need to attach is the legs.

Here are the pros and cons of assembled and flat flat pack furniture:

- no need to assemble
- consistent factory fit and finish
- no missing parts

- more bulky to move into compact spaces
- susceptibility to be damaged in transit
- more expensive to ship

- easier to transport
- less prone to be damaged in transit
- lower price for the same quality

- might have missing pieces
- insanity or therapeutic? satisfaction of assembly depends on if you are handy