breaking the design code

October 10, 2018 1 min read

Who wants to have the designer look in their home? It might seem daunting to most people but you just need to know what you look out for. Designers use these seven tips to create a well curated home that has a balance of style and personality.

ONE FOCAL POINT- Each room has one focal point to draw your eye once you enter the room. It can be a built in detail, furniture or artwork. This is very important.

GO ORGANIC - Elements such as plants, branches, shells or natural fibres add life to interior. Try putting plants in corners to soften the right angles.

MAKE IT PERSONAL - What's a home without personal items that you love or evidence of experiences? Surround yourself with things that you love. You can't go wrong here.

MAKE A STATEMENT - Design classics like the Eames lounge chair or Mutto Cloud sofa are timeless and add style. You don't need a lot them and only get pieces you love. Avoid replica because the originals will have much more meaning and last longer.

DO THE UNEXPECTED - Allow yourself to have some weird or unexpected pieces to add personality to your space. Your space doesn't need to be perfect.

EMPTY SPACES - Resist decorating every empty space. An empty space can make just as much impact.

TEXTURE - Create a multilayered look using different elements such marble, metal, fabric, timber and leather. Too much smooth surfaces and the space will feel cold. Too much the other way and you lose serenity.