July 03, 2017 2 min read

As we progress well into 2017, here is a heads up on what's happening in the world of design.

Dark furniture - Dark stained timber, black metal and moody fabric colours are hot.

Terracotta - this classic 80's staple is now in again. Don't go too crazy. Probably best to restrict to plant pots.

Cork- Another classic is back. Watch for it in cushions, pin boards etc.

Dark Green - This is the hot colour for the year. Use it strategically in vases, cushions or bedding.

Upholstered bedheads - This trend is a natural winner because it's soft, sophisticated and comfortable. You can't go wrong with this because it is more timeless than a trend.

Jewel tones - Pastels are heading out as colours become more saturated and richer looking. It packs a punch in giving a serious hit of colour for your home. 

Copper - This metal's popularity is waning but it's more the shiny version that is fading. A dull copper is more classic.

Marble- This stone made an appearance in every decor item. It's still okay to use it in moderation because it's a classic.

Scandinavian -This trend is heading out after a strong presence for most of the 2000's.

Quote Artworks - Had its time in the spotlight. Time to keep calm and move on.

Fiddle Leaf Figs- Once a staple of design magazine spreads, this plant is overpriced and overrated. 

Remember that trends come and go. It is impossible to constantly follow them. Buy what you like. We think a well balanced home is not one particular style or trend. It's a combination of what you love.

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