The James Stewart Furniture Story

James Stewart Furniture is one of Australia's premier leather furniture companies. Established by James and Alexander Stewart in 1860. They opened one of the first department stores in Australia on Brisbane's Queen Street. James Stewart and Co. with its custom home furnishings and manufacturing, café and fashion culture was revolutionary in its time due to Jimmy’s sharp eye for design and trends.

Today, their dedicated and highly skilled Brisbane team has a rich history and understanding of furniture, craft, manufacturing and service that guide the development of every piece of James Stewart Furniture.

The James Stewart Furniture Collection's goal is to provide the finest quality furniture sourced and secured exclusive rights to some of the world’s top luxury leathers and textiles. They use only 100% Top Grain cowhide leather - the superior part of any hide for strength, durability and hand feel. Their modern manufacturing facilities retain traditional furniture making craft and utilise the highest quality components to ensure your James Stewart Furniture will last a lifetime.

CLU Living is a stockist of James Stewart Leather Furniture in Richmond. 

Feel the Luxury

One of our most potent emotional triggers is our sense of touch. This is why beautiful leather, with its softness and supple feel or 'hand', registers in our minds and lingers the longest.

Only the Best Leather Used

Our focus is to handle the leather lightly to retain this natural beauty. We use only 100% Top Grain cowhide leather - the superior part of any hide for strength, durability and hand feel. Our leathers are chosen from a precious pool representing 2% to 3% of hides sourced globally. Every leather hide is unique in texture, colour and natural markings. To avoid over processing and to retain each hides inherent beauty and softness, it is crucial to select hides with only minimal imperfections.

Finished with Old World Craft

The essential fact is that high-quality finishing can only be performed on the best quality hides. Like any Artisanal material, finishing techniques have been fine-tuned over decades to determine the optimum design effect and softness that each hide can achieve. To colour and finish the leather, either hand applied and buffed dyes (aniline leather) or a combination of hand-applied dyes, and pigments (semi-aniline leather) are used.

Our Aniline Leathers 

Aniline leather is known as the highest quality leather due to its soft, natural feel, luxurious and unique colour and natural markings. The lack of extra processing and finishing of only the highest quality selected hides creates the most supple quality of leather you can find.

The Aniline leather are generally sourced from small herds on farms with no barbed wire and no branding. With minimal processing, aniline hides proudly display the hallmarks of genuine leather such as fat wrinkles, growth marks, healed scars, insect bites and scratches.

With no protective layer or coating on the surface (as used on lesser quality leathers), aniline leathers boast superior seating comfort as the leather is able to breathe by naturally allowing the heat from the body to be absorbed. This is the sign of a top quality aniline – it feels natural – you can feel it. Aniline leather is dyed by hand using high quality, soluble, aniline dyes. It has not been treated or processed to alter the natural grain, look, or feel of the original hide. Every hide is unique with subtle finish variations - just like the cow it came from. 

Aniline leather becomes more beautiful with age, with the natural patina developing a deep character over time.

Our Semi-aniline Leathers

Semi-aniline leather is known for retaining most of the textural hallmarks of Aniline leather but with extra surface protection. After the hides are aniline dyed, secondary pigments and/or finishes are added to the top surface by machine or hand. Some of the natural markings might show through the topcoat, so wrinkles, scars, and bites may be visible as in Aniline leather. Dependent on leather design, additional colour is added to create two-tone or other effects. Semi-aniline leather is a preferred finish for those that want higher durability and protection against wear, stains, and exposure to light. Every hide is unique with subtle finish variations - just like the cow it came from. 

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