Cool-It Water Carafe | Dark Blue

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Designed by Rig-Tig for Stelton, the Cool-It water carafe is a practical modern carafe for all your beverages. Keep a carafe of water or fruit juice in the fridge so you’ll always have chilled drinks on hand – ready to serve for breakfast, lunch, evening meal or patio! Spice up your water with slices of cucumber, ginger, lime, apple or mint leaves – or devise your very own favorite flavour.

The carafe has a smart open-and-close cap ball that is integrated into the carafe– just flip the ball down for pouring, and then up again to seal the carafe. You never lose it! Store conveniently in most fridge door compartments.

Designed by Francis Cayoutette for Stelton, Denmark

Product details:

Dimensions: 90 DIA x 320mm H

Materials: Glass and rubber

Colour: Dark blue

Volume: 1.5 litres

Dishwasher Safe: Yes