Elaine Lane Aboriginal Tea Towel

This colourful cotton tea towel is based on Aboriginal artwork by Elaine Lane from Papulankutja Artists located at Blackstone, Western Australia. Proudly made in Australia and royalties from sale of this tea towel directly benefit the Artist and their community. Please note that artwork/placement varies so each tea towel is a little bit different. 

Designed by Elaine Lane, Australia. Made in Australia

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 45 DIA x 75mm H
  • Materials: 100% cotton

About the Artist:

Elaine was a bush baby, born in the traditional way, close to a rock hole. Her father was a Donegan and she is sister to Pantjiti Mary McLean. Elaine lives in Blackstone, close to her brother Jimmy Donegan, a senior Law Man and artist. Elaine is also a leading fibre artist. She first began making baskets and animal sculptures in 1995. She has always made outstanding baskets and in 1999, she first started to experiment with animal sculptures. Elaine has travelled to Perth with the touring exhibition, Manguri Weaving, opened the exhibition and gave a workshop at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

Elaine was part of the team of women from Blackstone who made the full sized grass toyota that won the telstra award.More recently, Elaine has been experimenting with natural bush dyes for her baskets. Elaine paints country around Blackstone, her work reflects the seasons, using the wonderful colours that surround her every day of her life. Many layers overlapping and melding together, expressing the texture and flow of the land.