Essential Oil Burner Set

The iconic Essential Oil Burner Set draws references from pieces you would find in a classic science laboratory but yet is refined and styled for modern tastes. The height of the clamp is adjustable, so you can personalise the experience by changing the strength of the scent by moving the oils higher or closer to the flame. 

Our Essential Oil Burner Set includes a burner unit & flask, 5ml Australian grown lavender Oil (Centre essential oil) and an Australian made beeswax candle. Refill with these essential oils. Comes beautifully packaged for gift giving.

Designed and made in Australia

Product Details: 

  • Dimensions: 210W x 125D x 260mm H  
  • Materials: Glass, Concrete
  • Colour: Charcoal Concrete
  • Delivery: Allow up to two weeks 
  • Instructions: Fill flask with eight tablespoons of water and few drops of essential oil, adjust the height of flask to flame depending on frangrance throw (closer to flame for more scent)


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