Lavender and Wild Chamomile Diffusion Set

Made with the essential blend of lavender and wild chamomile to create a relaxing aroma. Infuse you environment with calmness, peace and tranquility. lavender, the mother of all oils with its sweet, delightful aroma, also combats stress and relieves anxiety. It is well known for its ability to combat fatique and insomnia. The pleasing, herbal scent of wild chamomile with its undertones of freshness, brings serenity and enhances overall feelings of calmness and relaxation. This pleasant floral blend creates an environment of restfulness to soothe weary emotions. A simple, effective and safe way to fill your home with a therapeutic and delightful aroma.

Product details:

  • 250ml bottle with wood reed sticks
  • Made with essential oils
  • No dyes or artificial colours
  • No mineral oils and parabens
  • No sodium sulphates
  • No dyes and artificial colours
  • No lauryl or laureth sulphates
  • No propylene glycol
  • No animal testing

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