BDI Furniture at CLU Living

August 21, 2017 1 min read

CLU Living is the Melbourne retailer for the American based BDI furniture range of entertainment cabinets, bookcases, console tables, coffee and side tables and desks. We have most of the range for viewing in our retail showroom in Richmond VIC. 

Since 1984, BDI has been dedicated to creating uniquely functional, beautifully streamlined, and rigorously executed furniture. The features that we’ve made standard — including easily adjustable shelves, fingerprint-proof glass, hidden wheels, flow-through ventilation, and meticulously thought-out cord-management systems — are a result of their ongoing dedication to beautifully practical design.

Their obsession with the details doesn’t stop with the way their products look and function. BDI is dedicated to manufacturing functionally sustainable furniture in an environmentally sustainable way.

All BDI furniture packaging is thoughtfully engineered to ensure everything arrives in the best possible condition, with the least possible waste. They are committed to reducing their energy usage, eliminating most styrofoam in favor of recycled and recyclable materials, and working with our manufacturers to take a green approach in all phases of operation.

BDI has never been a company that creates design simply for design’s sake. Everything they do is driven by their desire to make great design — design that combines function, innovation, and style — accessible to everyone.

Corridor 8179 Entertainment Cabinet