Ethnicraft craftsmanship

February 14, 2022 1 min read

Since the beginning, craftsmanship has been the core principle for Ethnicraft. From their first encounter with Indonesian woodworking artisans, Ethnicraft founders, Benoit Loos and Philippe Delaisse have been committed to connecting the dots between great design and the intelligence of the hand. 

Objects, Ancestors Tabwa, Mosaic and Graphic are some of examples of handcrafted range.  Like in the workshops from the renaissance masters, every new collection results from a slow conception process: from the designers to our product development team and the artisans who bring the original drawings to life.

Every Ethnicraft item is designed in-house to ensure a strong consistent identity, and it is Philippe Delaisse who oversees the entire product development and production from Indonesia. Nevertheless, Ethnicraft occasionally extends collaboration invitations to select guest designers.

Each piece is shaped or finished by hand, carrying the story of those who produced it. This process is what makes every item truly unique. Wood can be worked in different ways, depending on the species and the tools used. Techniques include carving, chopping, and polishing.

As we consider wood a precious material, we work to make the most out of each and every piece. From the origin of the wood to the treatment of our products, we want to remain as environmentally friendly as possible, working to maximise waste reduction from the earliest design stage.

Because we value high-quality craftsmanship and longstanding partnerships, in 2018, we opened a woodworking training centre in Indonesia to support and foster local craftsmanship. We believe that human commitment is just as essential and also facilitates the production of quality items.