The perfect pairing: Finding your dream dining table and chairs

May 11, 2024 2 min read

Choosing the perfect dining table and chairs is a combination of style and comfort. You can express your personality with the perfect pairing. 

Selecting the perfect dining table:

1. Shape
Rectangular or round? It's a misconception that a round table is ideal for compact spaces. Consider this: a round 1000mm diameter table is wider than a typical 1800 x 900mm wide table by 100mm. The general rule is that the shape of the table is dictated by the dining space. A rectangle table works best in a rectangular area and a round table in a square area for maximum impact.

2. Material
Timber, glass, marble, concrete or ceramic? Aside from personal preference, consider the durability required and how it relates to the rest of your space. Ceramic and concrete are great for busy families as they are more difficult to damage. Timber is a timeless choice but requires more care. Glass makes the small spaces look bigger but shows more dust.

3. Legs
This is an area that people tend to neglect as they only base their decision on the aesthetic. The leg design is important but also consider how dining chairs will work with it. The optimal position is for legs set on each corner, or a pedestal design, as this allows for the maximum amount of dining chairs. Other leg designs may be more interesting but they might reduce the number of chairs you can have. 

Selecting the perfect dining chair:

1. Shape

Like dining tables, dining chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Comfort is a key consideration. The shape of the the dining chair, as well as the back height, will impact the comfort. Curved backs tend to be more comfortable as they cradle your back. Don't be afraid to mix shapes. For example, rectangular dining tables paired with rounded dining chairs or vice versa. This could strike the perfect balance.

2. Material
Selecting what the dining chair is made of is a balance of comfort and durability. Timber is hard wearing but tends to be less comfortable and more expensive. Leather or synthetic leather is a great compromise of durability and comfort. Fabric is the most versatile when it comes to colour and style. 

3. Size
The average dining chair is about 500mm wide while the armchair version is around 600mm wide. Depending on your entertaining needs, selecting a smaller dining chair less than 500mm wide will maximise your dining table seating goals.