Buy or Design a Bookcase or Bookshelf in Melbourne, Australia for Small Space Living

When you tendered your letter of resignation to the university’s literature department, you were focused on having time to expand your business. What started as a successful side project, has turned into a full-time enterprise more successful than your wildest fantasies. You weren’t thinking about how you would store your extensive book collection in your tiny apartment. Having always kept your space small and minimal, your home in Melbourne has only as a single bookshelf that holds your most precious collector’s pieces and current reads. You’d always relied on your office at the university to keep your books. Now, you’re starting to think there isn’t a bookcase in all of Australia that will hold all your books and fit in your apartment. Never fear, CLU Living has bookshelf solutions for small areas in Australia.

Australia-Made Exceptionally-Crafted Bookcase from Australia

CLU Living manufactures and sources furniture designed to optimize small-space living. Based in Richmond, just outside Melbourne, our skilled craftsmen can produce a bookshelf with space, style, and longevity in mind. Moving into a new place is usually the one opportunity most people take to organise their homes. Once you place a large bookcase in a house in Australia, it’s not likely to move. Needing to add a more shelving later, however, can be quite the feat in a small domestic space. As many people in Australia are turning to smaller homes and apartments to save money and reduce their ecological footprints, many are finding conventional furniture more suitable to larger spaces. Bring your floorplan down to CLU and our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff will help you find solutions to your book storage problem. As functionality is vital to our customers, a bookshelf from CLU will maximise space and, where possible, serve multiple purposes.

CLU: For Quality That Supports Our Australian Economy

As we prefer to source locally to support our country’s economy, your bookcase, especially if it’s from the CLU Living Collection, is made right here in Melbourne. A bookshelf can be crafted to hang anywhere in your home adding a sense of style to your functional fixtures. As books are heavy, it’s vital that the bookcase you choose is made from high-quality materials, reinforced joints, and structural supports. A bookcase from our warehouse won’t be glued together. Instead, we firmly bolt each connection point. Don’t see what you like? We make custom furniture in Australia to fit your specific bookshelf needs. In small spaces, most pieces including bookcases, need to pull double-duty as functional parts of your dwelling. If you have a little extra wall space where your television is, try turning the area into a bookcase/entertainment centre with a piece that fits snugly and matches your style. Don’t worry. The mountain of books now stacked in your living room won’t stay an eyesore forever. Call on CLU for pragmatic solutions at affordable rates sourced from your fellow Australian craftsmen.