Tips for Decorating a Small Living Room and Where to Find European, Scandinavian, or Danish Living Room Furniture in Australia

Decorating a small living room can be challenging. Besides your bedroom, you likely spend more time in your living room than any other space in your house, so you want it to be attractive and functional. No problem – you can have a small living room that works just as well and looks just as good as a large one. Many small-space solutions can give you precisely the living room you want, even if more space isn’t an option (or you just prefer a smaller home).

Clutter Control

Not even large living rooms look attractive with a lot of clutter lying around. Small spaces, in particular, can become overwhelmed when they are full of too much stuff. If your home is small, you’ll have to be especially vigilant about keeping clutter to a minimum. Smart storage is key to having a neat, clean, uncluttered space, no matter how small. Consider ways to add hidden stowage, such as under the coffee and end tables, faux built-ins, and shelves hung in little nooks. However, be wary of too much storage, which can quickly take over your space just like the clutter you’re trying to clear.

The Right Amount of Furniture

If your living room is small, then a sofa, a couple of chairs, a coffee table, and two end tables may be too much. Besides, in tiny homes, a chair or coffee table can quickly become a catchall for clutter. Remove some of the furniture, and you’ll solve two problems at once: you’ll create more space and reduce clutter. It’s always smart to clear the room and start with a clean slate. Add the sofa first, then add additional pieces one at a time and stop when you have a layout you like. Donate or sell anything that’s left over.

Smaller Room, Smaller Furniture

Small spaces can’t usually handle large pieces such as sectional sofas, large chairs, or even large pieces of art. Scale down the size of your furnishings to suit the room. You might use a loveseat instead of a full-size couch, or small armless chairs instead of large recliners.

The Right Colours

Dark colours and dark furniture will make any space feel a bit smaller. For areas that are already small, it’s important to use light and colour to help open the room up. Stick with neutral tones and light shades, and avoid big patterns. All-white décor works exceptionally well in small spaces. You can add life to the room by using small designs and brighter colours on accent pieces and smaller furniture. Also, make sure the room gets plenty of light. Recessed or wall-mounted lighting will take up less space than lamps.

Where to Buy European, Scandinavian, or Danish Living Room Furniture

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