Find Mid Century Modern Furniture Within Your Reach and Budget in Melbourne

Are you fashion-savvy and hurrying from one flea market to the other, hoping to find an Eames chair replica at a bargain price? Do you cross Australia in search of antique dealers and bric-à-brac shops? Once you're there, do you find out that they just sold the starburst wall-clock you wanted so much? Maybe you've just explored your grandparents' old attic. Were you sneezing and spitting out dust, but praying that you'd stumble onto what they threw away sixty years ago? They must regret their erstwhile foolishness, though they'll agree with you on the common knowledge that fashion and fads always come back.

No worry if you're clumsy or low on cash

The mid century modern style is making its revival. Inspired by architects such as Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, furniture in the post-World War II style embodies simplicity and tranquillity. Designs by Irving Harper, George Nelson, Karl Springer, and Greta Magnusson Grossman supply a playful counter balance. Mid century modern furniture and decoration are excellent additions to your small apartment which you've already given a minimalist look.

You want your cosy nest to be contemporary. Already you've painted your walls in a neutral colour. Perhaps you've even stripped them and covered them with tadelakt (waterproof lime plaster) for a brutalist appearance. Now it's time to replace one or more of your out-of-date items. Unlike fashion fanatics, you don't want to pay an exorbitant price for a wooden commode with gravity-defying curved legs or a fibre pedestal chair in ochre. And since you're all thumbs, you wouldn't even know how to start building your own triangular coffee table. Lucky for you, at CLU Living in Melbourne, we offer exclusive mid century modern furniture within your budget.

Minimalist but warm mid century modern furniture available in Melbourne

Visit CLU Living in Melbourne or browse our online shop at your leisure. You're bound to find the buffet of your choice, straight-lined in natural oak or walnut, balancing on tiny yet sturdy legs. Consider combining the Scandinavian-style cabinet with your slender flat-screen TV for an interesting effect or find a patio table with a glass top on slim black-coated iron, grand in its simplicity.

Accessories in wire metal or coloured glass will complement your interior wonderfully. In the mid-century decades, peace reigned, culture flourished, and science progressed quickly, making people optimistic. They started yearning for the moon and stars. So, a sputnik lamp or a couch in deep blue is a must-have.

Finally, choose your colours wisely. Fabrics in warm orange and brown are the best fit. While the many square shapes of your furniture may make your home appear too rigid, the fabric’s flowing; big patterns will give a soothing effect. Add a touch of azure bottle-green for an authentic '50s to '60s atmosphere. Gold - both the warm colour and luxurious material - is another favourite.

No need to traverse the country to find out you're just too late for the mid-century modern furniture item you wanted so much. It's right here in Melbourne at CLU Living.