Can’t Find Contemporary, Modern, or Retro Coffee Tables for Small Space Living? Try CLU

Why are coffee tables so big? The question repeats in your head as you browse contemporary coffee tables from an Australia-based furniture company. You’d come up with a fun retro theme for your new apartment, but most retro coffee tables seem to be bulky. You liked how the modern coffee tables you saw while window shopping often featured additional storage space, but even their dimensions were bigger than what would fit in the space of your small entertainment area. Tired of having roommates and with a stable full-time job, you’ve just signed a lease on an apartment all to yourself. Your unit is tiny, but it was all you could afford and suits your values. The small-space living movement, which grows ever-popular in Australia, has afforded you a reasonable compromise between your inclination toward conservation and your need for personal space and privacy. Furnishing the area, however, has proved itself more difficult than finding your home in the first place.

Compact Contemporary Coffee Tables from Australia’s CLU Living

While some companies do offer compact-sized modern coffee tables here in Australia, they are often only intended for temporary dormitory life. Long out of college, you want something that says you’re an adult—something made with lasting quality that matches the other pieces in your home. The leading company catering to this population did have retro coffee tables available in Australia, but the assembly instructions revealed the legs merely snapped into place. However, what snaps in, is sure to snap out and you can already envision spills of red wine onto your cream- coloured carpet. Alternatively, CLU Living’s furniture screws in at connection points and is reinforced at typical wear points.

CLU Living has been operating since 2013 filling the void typical furniture companies left behind when it comes to furniture designed for small spaces. We understand that you don’t want to sacrifice all your floor space to furniture that is too big for the space available. We started earning accolades in our first year and continue to provide practical and affordable living solutions such as contemporary coffee tables to Australia’s small space dwellers. While all our modern pieces are designed, and manufactured for quality and longevity, items from our exclusive CLU Living Collection are designed and manufactured by local craftsmen, who bring a fresh and contemporary approach to lifestyle furnishings.

Custom Designs from CLU Craft the Perfect Fit

Why not pay us a visit at our Richmond store, and talk with our friendly team of experienced designers? More than a place in Australia to browse small retro coffee tables, our staff is happy to help you brainstorm furnishing and storage solutions specific to your environment. We’d love to pore over your floorplan with you and direct you to, or design the optimal lifestyle furnishings for your apartment. If storage space is a lucrative selling-point for the modern coffee tables you’ve seen throughout Australia, we make custom pieces that can encompass the retro style you’re going for while incorporating the storage space your small space will certainly need.