Modular sofas and couches for small spaces and apartments in Melbourne

One of the keys to living in a small space is to think modular; it’s a smart way to get the most out of your living area. Modular sofas for small spaces in Melbourne are just one of the choices that you can make when you’re hunting for furniture that provides both functionality and style. Modular furniture is a great way to create a cosy “living room” in a small apartment. When you’re searching for sofas for small apartments in Melbourne, modular is a convenient choice.

Being practical is not the only thing most people want in their furniture - even with compact living where your options may seem a bit more limited. You also want some style and furniture that is not only functional but also pleasing to the eye. You might think that finding a store that can offer these options can be hard to find in Melbourne. Not so. CLU Living, located in Richmond, not far from Melbourne’s CBD, is that store. We want your furniture shopping experience to be different from what you have ever experienced before. We also offer amazing choices on quality furniture designed for compact living. That’s one reason we were chosen as 2015’s Retailer of the Year.

Find couches for small spaces in Melbourne

There are many advantages to using modular pieces in a tiny area. When you consider couches for small spaces in Melbourne, they can be arranged to give a room drama and personality, not to mention the practical use of limited space. Modular furniture can be used as tables, chairs, shelves, etc. It is also portable and can be easily rearranged to suit a particular need. You might want a slightly different look for when your parents come to visit as opposed to when your friends come over for dinner. You wouldn’t think that would be possible in a small space, but modular sofas for small spaces give you that option.

Modular furniture can create more floor space. It’s a smart way to divide your studio into different areas that can be moved around so that your apartment can be tweaked to reflect your current design tastes. It’s a testament to the kind of excellent design that you will find in all the furniture at our store. We know you want furniture that not only gives you storage and can be efficiently used, but that allows you to have some fun in your living space.

The right store for your compact living lifestyle

Whether you come to our shop in person or reach out to us on the phone, we offer you excellent customer service and a unique shopping experience. We’re glad to talk to you about all our furniture, how it was made, the design, even the material used in its construction. Our CLU Collection pieces are one of a kind and yet still affordable. These pieces are made in Melbourne by local craftsmen, and we can create bespoke pieces for any customer.

This is the place to come to find furniture designed for compact living. When you want the perfect sofa, chair, bed, or patio furniture that offers innovative design paired with affordability and function, why not contact us today?