Tips for Decorating a Small Apartment and Where to Find Retro Style Bedroom, Dining Table, and Other Furniture in Melbourne

If you’re like many people living in a small apartment, you may be struggling with figuring out how to decorate it in an attractive, uncluttered, and functional way. No worries – there are many ways to decorate a small space that allow you to maximise the space you do have and still achieve a stylish, modern look you’ll love.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Whenever you can, use each space for more than one purpose. For example, your bedroom could be your office by day. However, instead of having a bedroom that looks like an office or an office that looks like a bedroom, use different wall treatments to distinguish each area from the other. You can still tie the whole room together with window treatments and accent pieces, but you’ll have separate areas for separate functions – and won’t be bringing work “home” with you at night.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Similar to the above tip, sometimes, you’ll need to divide one space into separate zones. You may have a vague space without much definition, and it will be your job to create functions within this area. It’s a clever to start with small-scale pieces and furniture that can pull double duty, such as chairs that can sit at your dining table and then be moved to the lounge area. Even a footstool can double as an extra seat at the table if needed. You could use tall bookcases or an indoor tree to mark off separate spaces.

Make a Statement

Small spaces offer the unique opportunity to incorporate surprising decorating touches. You can express your personal style even in a tiny nook. For instance, a little entry or hallway could be transformed into a beautiful space complete with graphic geometric wallpaper, a brightly-painted chair, and an ornate gold mirror. If you need to leave your apartment the way you found it when you move out, consider removable wallpaper.

Embrace White

Does your landlord have a no-painting policy? Embrace your white walls as a decorating opportunity. White is the best colour for making a tiny space feel brighter and airier. It also provides a clean background for artwork and collections you like to display. Instead of fighting the white, pull it into your decorating scheme with white chairs, white furniture, and white linens. Then have fun picking out bright lamps and bold paintings for accent.

Buying Retro Style Furniture in Melbourne

When you’re decorating a small space, one of the most important things to remember is that you can still achieve the style you want. One great way to do this is using retro furniture in Melbourne. If you love the vintage look, we have excellent retro pieces including homewares, living room furniture, dining room furniture, and retro bedroom furniture in Melbourne. Whether you need to outfit your entire home or are just looking for that perfect retro dining table furniture in Melbourne, CLU has what you need. Contact us today for reasonable prices, great brands, and the high style you want.