Small Apartment Furniture from CLU Living in Melbourne, Australia, and Online

Tired of the hassle and expense of continually booking accommodation for visiting business affiliates, your company has decided to invest in a small apartment. Furniture in Melbourne, however, has proven itself decidedly ill-fitted for the dimensions of the tiny dwelling. Most manufacturers have not modified their furniture lines to cater to small apartment living in Australia. Those that have may not list their small apartment furniture online. With a substantial project deadline looming, no one on your team has the time to go out and shop for small apartment furniture throughout Australia. Buying online, however, has been difficult for conceptualizing the size of the piece compared to the space of the apartment. You’ve had to send many pieces back already, but you need the apartment furnished quickly as you have a VIP affiliate coming in next month.

Exceptional Small Apartment Furniture in Melbourne

Quit wasting time making guesses; shop with the company that specialises in sourcing and manufacturing small apartment furniture. Located in Richmond near Melbourne, our friendly and enthusiastic team at CLU Living is happy to discuss your space constraints and suggest furnishing solutions that match the intended function of the apartment. When you bring your floorplan to our warehouse, we use our design experience to help you craft a functional and comfortable furnishing plan. Or, shop for small apartment furniture at our online store knowing that we create each piece with quality and small-living in mind. We utilise the skills of local craftsmen to design and manufacture our exclusive CLU Living Collection which supports the Australian economy. We also source pieces from excellent brands such as BDI, Globe West, and Laforma, known for their quality. Although our small apartment furniture available throughout Australia is of superior quality, you will not see a superior price tag. CLU is as committed to affordability as we are quality and function.

CLU is Your One-Stop Apartment Shop

We shine at creating functional custom pieces. If you don’t see precisely what you need for small apartment furniture in our warehouse or online catalogue, one of our experienced craftsmen will be happy to make your vision a reality. We believe that furniture should complement the domicile by optimising the floor space available for movement. Since your apartment will be akin to a hotel suite, select small furniture for the Melbourne apartment that is unassuming and provides the useful functions of a comfortable home without getting in the way of your guest. We have pieces in sleek modern styles that offer ample storage space allowing your guest to get settled without making the small area look cluttered. Our small apartment furniture fits well in smaller dwellings and putting the furniture in your guest apartment will give your visitors an authentic Australian experience.