Keno Ceramic Vase

The beautifully textured Keno Ceramic Vase is handmade and beckons your touch. The raw surface has a light coarseness to the finish which is delightful to feel and lines are visible from the creation process adding to the visual interest and character. The contemporary medium grey ceramic is whimsically splattered with small light and dark grey speckles, so no two vases are exactly the same. The interior of the vase is conveniently glazed so it can hold water for your favourite arrangement. The Keno comes in choice of two sizes and they look fantastic when paired together!

Product details:

  • Dimensions: Short - 170 DIA (at widest) x 600mm H, Tall - 220 DIA (at widest)  x 760mm H
  • Colours: Grey with light and dark grey speckles
  • Materials: Ceramic