Interested in Art Deco? How to Decorate and Where to Find Furniture, Chairs, Lighting for Sale in Melbourne

Peaking in popularity during the 1920s and early 1930s, the art deco style of decorating focused on glamour and opulence – as much form as function. As the Great Depression worsened, art deco’s popularity only increased. This style of furniture and décor is the embodiment of the Roaring Twenties. It’s suave, sophisticated, and elegant, embraced by forward thinkers. If you love bold, flashy jewellery … if you’ve ever dressed as a flapper for Halloween … or you have a longstanding love affair with chrome, then you should be looking for art deco furniture for sale in Melbourne. Here are some tips for pulling off this fabulous look.

Evocative Lighting

When it comes to decorating in the art deco style, the mood is everything. Layered lighting is a great way to create the atmosphere you want. Sconces and lamps that beam light straight up or down add to the futuristic (for its era) feel of art deco. Think shiny, polished materials such as brass and chrome – bonus points for finding fixtures that cast light in geometric patterns.

Strong Geometry

Speaking of geometric patterns, these shapes are arguably art deco’s signature element. Stepped designed, angular patterns and bold curves highlight the style you’re after; steer clear of dainty or fussy patterns or shapes. To get an idea of the look to emulate, think of a 1930s theatre marquee. Use bold accent colours to add visual cohesion and a stunning interplay of angles.

Sleek Surfaces

As a style with an eye to the future, art deco is all about shine. Glam up your decor with lacquer, polished metal and wood, glossy paint, and lots of glass and mirrors. Take the look to the next level with imitation shagreen (a leather-like material made from shark or ray skin). The imitation versions on the market come very close to the look of the real thing without animal cruelty concerns. Anything slick and gleaming will fit right in with your art deco room.

Black and White

Go for the iconic art deco palette: black and white. This combination is classic and timeless with an inherent drama that’s perfect for this style of décor. Combine it with shine for a dazzling interior. If you want to add a splash of colour, go for bright colours such as peacock blue, regal purple, or golden yellow in restrained quantities. Limit colours to one or two against a black and white or mostly-gray backdrop to keep true to art deco’s minimalist attitude.

Where to Find Art Deco Furniture in Melbourne

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