Rethink your Bookcase or Bookshelf in Melbourne to Show Your Personality

“Tell me what you read, and I'll tell you who you are,” said the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. In the 20th-century, if you wanted to learn or stay informed, you had to surround yourself with books and other works of reference. You'd reserve at least one room in your mansion for a high and broad bookcase, hiding the walls from view. Their functionality was all that counted; style didn't matter. They just had to be stuffed to bursting with books, magazines, newspapers, and maps. A table, a comfortable chair and a lamp in your reading room were all you needed to lead a happy life.

Things change in a hundred years

For one thing, you live smaller… much smaller. The last thing you want is some spacious mansion with an entire room only for reading. The heating bill alone would send you into vertigo. You prefer to keep things cosy, and you live by the creed that less is more. And why should you need a constant supply of books to gather wisdom? Thanks to the internet, knowledge is now within everyone's reach.

Still, you cherish the fairy tales from your childhood, the romantic or exciting stories from your youth or non-fiction works with interesting facts. Your Melbourne living room isn't complete without a bookshelf. It gives you the opportunity to be creative with nifty decoration or unusual art objects. Most of all, your friends and relatives will understand which works formed your personality.

Find attractive combinations with a Melbourne bookcase

It seems natural to choose the style of your bookcase and its decoration in line with the rest of your furniture; everyone does it. But did you ever consider matching it with the books it holds? You are bound to get surprising results. CLU Living in Melbourne is glad to help you with furniture designed and crafted locally.

Do you enjoy crime fiction, detective novels and thrillers? Aim for an oriental style bookshelf. Hercule Poirot, Jack Ryan and the Kelly Gang will produce an intriguing combination. A magnifying glass or even an old revolver may complete the picture, but perhaps best of all, a Pure Evil bunny, which incidentally, you'll also find at CLU Living.

Are you a fan of feminist literature classics? Contrarious Sybylla Melvyn will feel right at home in a leaning bookshelf, along with Jane Austen, George Sand and the Brontë sisters. For decoration, top it off with a petite straw hat with ribbons and flowers.

Whether romantic stories involving vampires make you dream away, or fantasy tales with soaring dragons battling knights in full plate, you're sure to find a fitting bookcase at CLU in Melbourne. What if your book collection is such a mix that you cannot decide? Just hand CLU Living your project. We build custom-made furniture too.

Once you've installed the bookcase, filled it with your books, and decorated it accordingly, invite your friends and relatives. Show them your bookcase, and they'll tell you who you are.