Made in Melbourne

Most of our furniture is proudly made in Melbourne. We chose local artisans because of numerous benefits they offer - innovative design, quality craftsmanship and sustainably sourced quality materials, supported by the most stringent environmental, health and safety standards. You will be pleasantly surprised that our locally made furniture and CLU. Collection range has the long-lasting quality that's usually found in higher priced premium pieces but without the expensive price tag.

When shopping for quality furniture, we agree that style and comfort are very important but also believe you need to look deeper than the shape of the cushion, arm style or fabric selection. Our artisans firmly believe in the quality of their product such that they offer a 10 year structural warranty and 5 years to lifetime for cushions.

Buying locally means you are more connected to the person that has made the furniture. Another benefit is the shorter delivery times, so you can enjoy your new purchase sooner and know that it hasn't travelled thousands of kilometres - minimising the carbon footprint of your furniture.

So when you buy Australian made furniture from an independent retailer like CLU., be proud of the contribution you're making to your local community and the national economy.