If Your Melbourne Apartment has Limited Furniture Space, Try These Compact Dining Sets, Tables, and Chairs

If you’re thinking about scaling down your living space and moving from a house to an apartment, you might be hesitant to do so because you’re worried about fitting all your furniture into the new place. You may have a large dining table and chairs that fit perfectly in your house but won’t work in your apartment. Don’t let large furniture stop you from moving into the apartment you want. Instead, you should consider space-saving and compact furniture designed for apartment living. If you’re in the Melbourne area (or want to shop online), you can consider CLU; a premium furniture store focused on products meant for compact living.

At CLU, we have a wide selection of furniture for every room. We design our pieces with small living spaces in mind. Whether you’re looking for a new sofa or an entertainment unit, we have a selection of beautiful, modern designed pieces that will work perfectly in your new apartment. Also, if you do need to replace those bulky dining chairs and tables, we have dining tables and chairs that are made for compact living, while still being able to seat a family of four.

We Have Full Dining Sets Available Near Melbourne

At our physical store in Richmond near Melbourne, you’ll find our entire selection of compact dining furniture. If you’re not near our store, you can find our dining sets in our easy-to-use online gallery. We’ll deliver everything right to your door. If you need dining furniture for your Melbourne apartment, you’ve come to the right place.

Our selection of dining furniture includes multiple-use tables that can act as both dining and storage spaces. For example, our tray bench dining table has a two-in-one design for maximising space in your tiny apartment. You’ll find a section of this table with a built-in storage tray that’s perfect for storing utensils, placemats, and anything else you need around your dining area. With our tables and dining sets, you’ll find that they’re designed for any small space, while also allowing for extra storage to eliminate clutter from your home.

If you’re more interested in a round dining table, we also have a compact, round table that can seat up to four people while still fitting into an apartment’s smaller dining area. All our dining tables are ideal for people looking to move into smaller places while also being beautiful and stylish with contemporary designs.

Shop Online or in Store

At our physical location in Richmond – near the Melbourne CBD - you can see our entire line of dining tables and chairs. However, if you can’t get to our store, you’ll find everything we have in our online store as well. A lot of our furniture is locally made and utilises gorgeous, natural woods, so you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic, high-quality product when you order from us.

For more information on our entire line of products, feel free to call us on 03 9041 7375 or fill out our online contact form.