Moving into Your First Melbourne Apartment? Try These TV Cabinets or an Entertainment Unit Designed for Compact Living

It’s an exciting time when you move out of your parents’ home and into your own place. However, your first apartment likely doesn’t have a lot of space for big pieces of furniture. In fact, you’re probably living with one or more roommates, limiting your personal furniture space even more. But, just because your place isn’t huge doesn’t mean you can’t have wonderful furniture that looks modern and beautiful. The best thing you can do when you’re limited on space but need furniture is to buy from a company that design items made for compact living. Sure, you can’t get huge dining tables or TV cabinets, but you can still get fantastic lifestyle products that will make your apartment look stylish.

At CLU, we design contemporary furniture meant for compact living. If you’re moving into an apartment for the first time or moving from a house to an apartment, we have a wide selection of fantastic products for your new place. Just because you’re moving into a smaller space doesn’t mean you can’t have modern and functional furniture. For entertainment purposes, CLU designs a beautiful entertainment unit and TV cabinets for delivery to Melbourne. Made from high-quality woods and materials, these units are the perfect size for smaller apartments and homes.

We’ll Ship Your Entertainment Unit Directly to Melbourne

With our physical store being in Richmond, we can easily deliver your new entertainment unit directly to your Melbourne residence. Whether you want to shop online or stop in at our store, we offer our entire selection of TV cabinets for purchase and quick delivery. Our line of TV cabinets, which includes designs from our Henley and Ripley ranges, are of an extremely high quality, made with beautiful wood. When you purchase one of our entertainment units, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re getting something that’s well made and will last a long time.

When you buy an entertainment unit from us, you’ll get something that fits your space and allows for organisation and storage. We understand that, when you’re in an apartment, you need to maximise your space to limit the clutter throughout your home. You don’t want your guests to trip over books or movies strewn about your floor. With our entertainment centres, you’ll get ample storage space for your belongings, which will free up more space in your home.

About Us

For the past four years, CLU has worked with the goal of being Melbourne’s source for high-quality furniture designed for compact living. We develop every piece of our furniture with small living spaces in mind, ensuring that our products can store things or transform to free up space in your place.

When you’re looking for elegant, compact furniture that won’t be too expensive, CLU has what you need for your apartment. If you’re in the Richmond area, stop in and see our store. If not, we offer all our products in our easy-to-use online shop. For more information, call us on 03 9041 7375.