Quality furniture for small spaces, apartments, studios in Melbourne

When you’re moving into your first apartment in Melbourne, chances are it’s going to be a small space, but it’s a wonderful feeling having a place of your own. The next step is finding just the right furniture to work in that area. You want furniture for small apartments in Melbourne that is functional and provides useful storage options - it’s important to find furniture for small spaces in Melbourne that performs this double duty. Yet, you also want something with some personality and design - something fun and unique.

CLU Living is the store for you. We don’t want to just be about your furniture; we want to be the store that reflects your lifestyle, and we can provide just the right pieces for your space. Many of our pieces are built in the Melbourne area, and when you’re looking for something reasonably priced and both stylish and functional, we can assist while also supporting our local economy.

Perfect furniture for your studio apartment in Melbourne

Finding furniture for your studio apartment in Melbourne is essential, but there are other ways that you can give your studio some panache.

Paint each area a different but complementary colour. This is a visual trick that expands the room to the viewer. If you want to have one area coloured differently, try the living room space. It will help set it apart from the private areas of your studio apartment.

Think about using portable walls to separate areas. This can be something as simple as shelving unit or as high-end as a panelled glass wall. You can use a bookcase open on both sides for the same effect. It separates the space but still lets light through. It’s a cool way to both separate areas in a small space yet allow light to expand it as well.

Always be thinking up. Use your walls to create levels. It’s one way to make a compelling use of space. Hang lights or plants from the ceiling there’s no sense wasting all that space up there. It will leave more room below for storage and larger pieces that might otherwise need to be smaller.

Affordable furniture with style

Our desire to create the right compact living space for you was borne out of the personal need of our managing director and designer Chris Lu to find a way to furnish his own small apartment. We believe that finding the right furniture for any compact space doesn’t need to be a chore. We are passionate about making it an enjoyable activity and are always happy to talk to you about our furniture, even tell you with pride how it was made. Excellent customer service is not a sometime thing at CLU but a full- time passion and our motto is, ‘Designed for Compact Living.’

When you’re looking for furniture designed for compact living at the mid-range price point, attractive and exciting as well, we want to talk to you. Let us see the floor plan for your space, and we can help you find the best way to provide both comfort, style, and functionality. While in Melbourne, visit us for a great experience or browse our online store.