Find Space Saving Dining Table and Furniture in Australia

When you live in a small apartment every inch counts. Finding space-saving furniture in Australia ranks high on your to-do list. Chairs, dining tables, sofas, beds, even an office desk all need to fit within the confines of a small space. Scandinavian furniture is one choice but tends to be a little minimalist for your taste. Most people would prefer something in that price range, but reflects the lifestyle that they’ve chosen.

Fortunately, there is such a store. CLU Living offers a wide assortment of furniture for small apartments that is designed for compact living but with a modern edge. Our furniture offers great storage options as well, much needed in small spaces. Our CLU Collection features innovative design matched with the functionality that you need in quality furniture. CLU Living also believes in working with local craftsmen who build many of our stylish offerings.

Find space saving furniture in Australia

Space saving furniture can be found at our store but here are some extra tips to help you make the most of your compact living space.

If your living area comes without walls to differentiate rooms, use a bookcase or curtain separator to give your bedroom a cosy feeling. It’s also an excellent idea for the kitchen area. It’s an easy way to work in the kitchen while you entertain guests in another part of your living space.

Use your imagination to find clever ways to store things, even if everybody can see it. Use plants to give your apartment a relaxing atmosphere, but don’t put them on tables or desks. Even a small apartment has ample vertical space. Use hooks to suspend them in corners or by windows.

If possible, avoid a lot of cords. With so many inexpensive wireless devices available for a multitude of uses, your home doesn’t need to look like the tech closet at work. Remember, a laptop can also double up for many devices, such as radios, TVs, even alarm clocks.

Furniture for your small space in Australia

We have the furniture to make your small apartment work for you. Our space saving dining table provides an attractive dining option while also giving much-needed storage space, depending on which model you select. If you’re not sure what will work best for you, we’re more than happy to help you make any selection. Our customer service is second to none. We can guide you through our offerings, talk with you about what the right choices are for your apartment, and help make your experience an enjoyable one. Furniture and shopping for the perfect piece, should be fun.

We’re the ideal place to look whether you’re moving into your first apartment or downsizing to an apartment from a house. We offer a variety of compact and functional furniture that also provides indispensable storage options. We can help you turn any small space into a comfortable living area. Why not contact us today or browse our online store?