Stylish Transforming Furniture from CLU Living in Melbourne, Australia

Ever since you were a child, you’ve disliked clutter. Now, as you establish yourself as a single young professional, you’re excited to have found the perfect small apartment to suit your minimalist tastes. Recently you saw a transforming furniture demonstration at a Melbourne trade show where a shelving unit doubled as a dinner table for larger parties. You were impressed with how transforming furniture created more living space by combining the functions of conventionally separate furniture pieces into one, thus transforming the look, feel, and potentially the purpose of a room. Intrigued, you have since been researching transforming furniture available in Australia as you sit in your empty new apartment.

You think you may be onto something with this concept of selecting furniture pieces capable of transforming in function and are waiting to make strategic purchases. What you are finding, however, is that most items around Melbourne are conventionally designed for larger spaces. CLU Living manufactures and sells furnishings and homewares ideal for small-space living, and we revel in utilising various design tricks for converting functionality.

CLU Living Custom Transforming Furniture Near Melbourne

CLU living has been changing the way people in Australia see furniture since 2013. Let our extensive online catalogue inspire you to design the look and feel you want for your home, then bring your floorplan down to our store in Richmond outside Melbourne to discover just how innovative we can be. Our energetic staff is happy to show you around our warehouse, make practical suggestions, and help you find or design pieces that fit into your unique style while also fulfilling your functional needs. We’ll help you maximise the way you use your space with innovative transforming furniture designs sized to your floorplan.

We love making custom pieces sourced from high-quality materials in Australia; it’s a bonus that doing so strengthens our nation’s economy. Whenever possible, we source materials for our exclusive CLU. Living furniture range domestically to reduce our carbon footprint. Highly-skilled Australian craftsman create our pieces focusing on quality and durability, our pieces are designed and manufactured to last and come with a minimum 5-year warranty. We stand by our work and are dedicated to ensuring your continued satisfaction.

Extensive Selection, Exceptional Service, CLU Living

Combined with our exceptional customer service it’s no wonder we have received recognition from various commerce committees since year one. What our customers discover is that choosing CLU Living for their small space furnishings is a sound investment in their home. We also carry exceptional brands such as BDI, Global West, and Lanforma to ensure the best small-space furniture is available in one location thus modernising how you go about furnishing your home. Whether you’re looking for pieces that are classic, modern, contemporary, or something altogether different, we’re capable of creating something perfect for your Melbourne apartment.