A BALANCE ACT: Incorporating multifunctionality without the clutter

November 14, 2012 1 min read

Decorating a large home is quite easy because there are dedicated rooms to perform a function. Separate lounge, dining and office rooms are fairly straight forward. However, it takes a little ingenuity and thought to incorporate the above functions into one room without looking cluttered. To make the most of your compact space, there are three essential tips to incorporate multifunctionality into your living area. I will refer to this beautifully curated apartment to illustrate the points.

One focal point
Each room should one major focal point.It's natural for our eyes to automatically engage on the most visual item in the room and then looks around the rest. In this apartment, the bold vertical stripes on the TV wall is the focal point and draws attention away from the office space, it's almost invisible. 

Visual consistency
The office and TV cabinet are the same style and colour resulting in visual continuity. The green backsplash wall in the office cabinetry also coordinates with the vertical stripes in the TV wall.

Behind closed doors
The easiest way to eliminate clutter is by proper storage. By nature, office spaces are visually cluttering. Stationery, binders and books come in all different sizes and colors so it looks messy. Storing them in cabinets easily addresses this issue.
You can achieve this balancing act with some thought and imagination. We encourage youto drop into the CLU. store if you need help with your space. We are here to help you to make your home comfortable and functional.   
Happy decorating! 

Image credit: Apartment in Warsaw by Widawscy Studio Architektury