Increase the value of your home with this one item

September 19, 2019 1 min read

Every homeowner wants to maximize the return of their home when it comes time to sell. Everyone wants the strategy of low investment and high reward. Aside from the usual tips of kitchen renovation, neutral colour wall paint and curb appeal enhancements. There is one little secret that might get you more money for your home - antique lighting.

Installing antique lighting fixtures will not only elevate your home’s aesthetic and make it look more expensive and refined, but it can also have that effect on your property value come resale time.

This idea does go against common sense of updating old lighting with modern. Yes, it is generally recommended to change outdated or builder-grade lighting to something more modern. But adding vintage interior lighting in specific locations can invoke the same effect that new lighting has on a buyer because it can add sophistication to a space and make it look more expensive.

The reason why is that vintage lighting gives the intrinsic aura of quality. Things made fifty years ago are just made with higher craftsmanship than mass produced items today.

Scour antique shops, op shops, flea markets, garage sales and estate sales for that perfect vintage piece. You will probably get a great deal on it too. 

And if you stumble upon an authentic, iconic piece of lighting, that might even turn into a huge selling point once your home goes on the market.