Small apartment colour lighting tips

June 30, 2016 2 min read

For high-quality, artisan-made furniture and modern homewares, Australians turn to CLU. As a Melbourne-based retailer working in a competitive field we strive to provide exclusive, brilliant furniture, as well as stylish smaller pieces for the home. Selling everything from elegant tulip vases to handcrafted tables and chairs, CLU isn’t just a store, it’s a source of inspiration for the home.

Established in one of Australia’s most densely populated urban centres, we’re all too familiar with the hard task of creating the illusion of more space in small apartments. For this reason much of the furniture we stock and create is designed with this in mind. Big isn’t always better, it’s a matter of thinking and designing smarter that counts.
One item that is perfect for a space efficient apartment is actually one of CLU’s own designs – the Meridian Console Mirror. It is designed to open up the foyer or hallway while providing a surface area to hold items.

Bupa Home Insurance recently featured this stylish mirror in an article on maximising space in small interiors, ‘Small Apartment Ideas: Clever Colour & Lighting Tips’. Bupa says, ‘The Meridian Console Mirror takes up next to no room in a narrow hallway or entrance and has a handy compartment to store small everyday objects like keys and sunglasses.’

Using mirrors to visually expand the space is one of our top tips for any apartment dwellers, especially in main living area. If you place it opposite a window you have the added bonus of bringing the outside in. What is so great about the Meridian Console Mirror, however, is the duality of function. With it’s handy compartments, it reduces the amount of clutter in the entrance to your abode.

Another tip is to incorporate glass into furniture like dining tables or side tables. You will reduce visual mass and your space will simply feel more open without compromising on function.

CLU is no stranger to offering design advice. In fact, it is a part of their everyday business. The store provides complimentary design services to help customers find the right pieces for their home. Understanding that picking out the perfect console table or home office chair is easier said than done, the experts at CLU help customers to visualise a space and answer essential questions. It is this extra in-store service that has helped CLU to win numerous accolades, including being named Retailer of the Year for 2015.

Meridian Console Mirror